Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology

Our second academic program is a Master of Arts in Exegetical Theology (M.A.E.T.).  The courses in the MAET are selected from the three-year program.  Those seeking this degree must have earned an acceptable Bachelor’s degree.  This 56 semester hour program may be completed in three or four semesters.  The student may concentrate on either New Testament Greek, Old Testament Hebrew or both. 

This MAET program is designed for students who do not intend to enter the pastoral ministry but who want a limited number of courses in biblical exegesis and theology.  Therefore, the purpose of this program is to equip the student with the basic tools necessary to understand and use the foundational principles of exegetical theology.  The catalog states that the final thesis project in this program should, “not only show competence in exegesis but also creativity and imagination in using exegetical skills.”

This program requires a total of 56 semester hours of which the following are required:

  • Essentials of New Testament Greek (Or Essentials of Old Testament Hebrew)
  • Spring Greek Exegesis (Or Hebrew Exegesis)
  • Spring Preaching and Teaching
  • Greek Exegesis (Or Hebrew Exegesis)
  • New Testament Survey (Or Old Testament Survey)
  • A Thesis
  • Hermeneutics

No more than ten semester hours may be transferred into this program.