The seminary is located eight miles outside of the town of Westcliffe, CO. Westcliffe is a wonderful rural Colorado town located in the gorgeous wet mountain valley.  With that being said, living here comes with its own unique challenges. Here are some of the biggest.

Westcliffe Main Street

Cooking at Elevation

One of the first adjustments students and their families have to make to living in the mountains is the challenges brought about by cooking at high altitudes.

At 9000 feet, water boils at 195o and evaporation occurs much quicker. Cooking things like rice, stews, pasta, etc. take longer and need more liquid. Brown and wild rice are especially difficult and often are a bit “crunchy.” Some students have found success using rice cookers, pressure cookers, or soaking rice in water for a few hours in advance of boiling. Cakes and pies can also be a challenge at altitude. To avoid having a cake fall in the middle try using a bundt pan. For pies, like pecan, pumpkin, etc. try bringing the filling to a boil in a separate saucepan before pouring it over the crust. For those who make their own bread, less yeast or shorter rising times are required.

Grocery Shopping

Westcliffe has a supermarket, local butcher, and a few other stores where one can find most grocery items (although prices tend to be higher than the larger markets down the mountain. There are other supermarkets in the larger cities of Canon City, Salida, Pueblo, and Colorado Springs. Warehouse prices can be had at the Wal-Mart stores in Canon City (1 hour), Salida (1 hour), and Pueblo (1 ¼ hour). Additionally, there is a Sam’s Club in Pueblo and a Costco in Colorado Springs (1 ½ hour) for those with memberships.

Lowe's Westcliffe Market