Dear Friends,

You want to be faithful to God’s Word. We want that, too. You are looking for an affordable seminary education. We provide that.

The Sangre de Cristo (Spanish for “Blood of Christ”) Mountains provide the majestic backdrop for our beautiful location in which to study and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and in pastoral skills. Although we are remote in location and few in number, our almost one hundred graduates are spread throughout the United States and around the world, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.


While we are known for our unique location, we prefer to emphasize our training in preaching, based on faithful exegesis and biblical theology. Our goal is to equip ministers to read and study the Scriptures faithfully and to communicate the Word effectively. Competency in these skills does not come easily and our traditional curriculum is not simplistic. If grasping systematic theology and church history is not hard enough, we also require a solid foundation in reading and analyzing the Scriptures in Hebrew and Greek. These elements of our Master of Divinity program are then practically applied by each student as they preach and teach. Our prayer is to set each student on a lifetime path of faithful gospel ministry.

A seminary, at its heart, is a discipleship ministry. We chose to be a small school with in-person classes of 10-12 students and a faculty of approximately 18 pastors and professors. As pastoral care is best done face-to-face, and as in-person public worship is best alongside fellow believers, we believe that as a seminary community we convey the skills of ministry best in-person, too. In this environment our students are challenged to be equipped academically, honed pastorally, and grow spiritually as an individual.

We have recently added simultaneous online course offerings for those few who find it impossible to join us on campus.  We are also offering several certificate programs for those who are unable to fully dedicate themselves to the duration of our degree and diploma programs.  Our hope is to continue to impact the Kingdom of Christ in these ways.

We invite you to join us in  Christ’s work. We welcome you as a student or as a supporter. Please feel free to visit us on campus or by phone. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

In Christ’s Service,


Dr. D. James Johnson, Jr.
Seminary President

The High Calling

Sangre de Cristo Seminary

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