Dear Friends,

You want to be faithful to God’s Word. We want that too! You are looking for an affordable seminary education. We provide that.

The Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) Mountains are a beautiful location to study and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word. The breathtaking peaks are a constant reminder of God’s majesty and power. Although we are remote in location and small in size, our graduates are spread throughout the United States and several other countries, proclaiming the eternal Kingdom of Christ.

We are known for our unique location and generous scholarships, but we prefer to emphasize our training in exegetical and preaching skills. Our heavy requirements in the Biblical languages set us apart from most seminaries. We want our students to be competent in using Greek and Hebrew in their Bible study. We then equip the students to effectively preach what they have learned from their faithful study of the Word.

Because exegetical and preaching skills are best taught in small groups or one-on-one, we choose to be a small school. We accept approximately five students each year into the three-year program, making our classroom size on average about 10-12 full-time students. This design also allows for a mentoring environment in which students are individually challenged to grow spiritually.

We invite you to become a partner with us in this part of Christ’s work. We welcome you as a learner or as a supporter of our ministry. Please feel free to visit us at the campus, on the web, or by phone. We would be happy to answer any questions.

In Christ’s Service,

Dr. Andrew S. Zeller