Accredited / Authorized

Sangre de Cristo Seminary (SdCS) is recognized by two reputable agencies. These agencies include Accreditation by the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) and as an Authorized Institution with the State of Colorado: Department of Higher Education (CDHE).

Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries

Sangre de Cristo Seminary became accredited with the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries in 2001. Since that time, SdCS has been reaffirmed several times. The current accreditation with ARTS is valid through 2028.

The scope of the ARTS accreditation is as follows: The ARTS Commission on Accreditation accredits United States based institutions and other locations as determined by the Commission on Accreditation, which offers baccalaureate and/or graduate degrees in fields aimed at preparing students for Christian service and ministry through biblical and theological studies of Reformed traditions.

As of 2022, Sangre de Cristo Seminary was one of twenty ARTS member seminaries and one of the seven ARTS accredited schools. For more information about ARTS and its member schools follow this link:

Colorado Department of Higher Education

The Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) recognizes Sangre de Cristo Seminary as an Authorized Institution to operate as a Religious Training Institution/Seminary in Colorado. CDHE further classifies SdCS as “Accredited by an acceptable accrediting agency determined by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education to be appropriate to its educational purposes and programs.”   Our listing may be inspected at this link:

The High Calling

Sangre de Cristo Seminary

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