School Community

The school community enjoys many activities together apart from academic life. During the Summer many of the students share meals with the visiting professors which contributes the fellowship and discipleship environment we strive to model.  Once a week students, families, teachers, and friends gather for a pot-luck dinner.  Everyone enjoys the mountain scenery next to the creek while the children play games. On Wednesday afternoons or evenings, the community gathers to worship.  Additionally, the wives typically gather for a Bible study which provides time for the seminary wives to consider their role in ministry with their husbands.

On the weekends, hiking, fishing, or various social activities around campus. On the Lord’s Day the Seminary Chapel provides worship opportunities, or students may worship in local churches where they often find themselves preaching, teaching or leading worship where there is a need.

Seminary Lodge Dining Gathering
Cohort Size Classes Classroom

Cohort-Sized Classes

A unique feature of the seminary is its size of 10-15 students. Our seminar-sized learning environment maximizes participation and contributes to a learning environment that fosters pastoral skill and depth. Since a core aspect of pastoral ministry and leadership is face to face care and Christ centered preaching, we strive to incorporate these elements into the entirety of the seminary experience. As a result, spiritual and academic growth happen side by side in a tightly knit community. Foundational to the curriculum is the desire to form and equip students who desire to serve as preachers and teachers. Therefore, each student will receive multiple opportunities to develop communication skills in order to build confidence in God’s Word and confidence as a Gospel teacher and preacher.

The High Calling

Sangre de Cristo Seminary

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