Core Faculty

President Emeritus Founder Dwight Zeller Sangre de Cristo Seminary

Dr. Dwight F. Zeller

Founder and Director Emeritus, Sangre de Cristo Seminary. Teaches Old and New Testament Exegesis. 

Member: Rocky Mountain Presbytery, Presbyterian Church in America. D.Min., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Th.M., Chicago Graduate School of Theology; M.Div., Memphis Theological Seminary; B.A., Bob Jones University. Retired United States Navy Chaplain.

President Andrew Zeller Sangre de Cristo Seminary

Dr. Andrew S. Zeller

President, Sangre de Cristo Seminary. Teaches Preaching and Old Testament Hebrew. 

Member: Rocky Mountain Presbytery, Presbyterian Church in America. D.Min., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary; Th.M ., Covenant Theological Seminary; M.Div., Sangre de Cristo Seminary; B.A., Covenant College; C.P.E. Advanced Status. Pastoral experience and Retired Army Reserve Chaplain.

Vice President Jim Johnson Sangre de Cristo Seminary

Dr. D. James Johnson, Jr.

Vice President, Sangre de Cristo Seminary. Teaches New Testament Exegesis and English Bible.

Member: Rocky Mountain Presbytery, Presbyterian Church in America. D.Min., New Geneva Theological Seminary; M.Div., Sangre de Cristo Seminary; M.B.A., University of Phoenix; B.S., University of Florida; Experience as College/Seminary Instructor, Christian School Superintendent, and Christian Camp Director.


The Seminary brings adjunct faculty from around the nation to instruct in a wide array of biblical, historical, pastoral and systematic theology courses during the summer months. Those who have served the seminary within the past three years are:

Dr. Dominic A. Aquilla
President and Professor of Pastoral Ministry, New Geneva Theological Seminary. D.Min., Westminster Theological Seminary; M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary; B.A., Belhaven College. A prominent leader in the Presbyterian Church in America. Pastor.

Dr. Rollin J. Blackburn
Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature, Philadelphia Theological Seminary; Pastor. Ph.D. Temple University; M.Div., Philadelphia Theological Seminary; M.A., B.A., Temple University.

Dr. David W. Chapman
Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Archaeology, Covenant Theological Seminary; Ph.D., Cambridge (England); M. Div. and M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A., Rice University.

Mr. Keith Darrell
Evangelist, Whitefield Fellowship, Bellbrook, Ohio; M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary; B.S.B.A., Miami University.

Rev. Luke Evans
Lead Pastor, Christ Church San Antonio, TX; M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A., Baylor University.

Dr. Anthony J. Felich

Pastor, Redeemer PCA; D.Min., Th.M, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Arts, Whitefield Theological Seminary; M.Div. Covenant Theological Seminary; B.A. Moody Bible Institute. School Pastor for Heritage Christian Academy, Chairman of Candidates and Credentials Committee of the Heartland Presbytery (PCA), and Board Member for Sangre De Cristo Seminary.

Rev. Matt Holst
Instructor in Bible and Theology, Colorado Springs Christian School; M.Div., New Geneva Theological Seminary; M.A. in Historical Theology, Westminister Seminary, California. Pastor.

Rev. Philip S. Kruis
Pastor, Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA); Board President, La Vita House; M.Div. and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Reformed Theological Seminary; B.A., Dordt College.

Rev. Randy C. Martin
Executive Director, Ambassador Presbyterian Church, Apex, NC, and Instructor at Veritas Scholars Academy; M.Div., Covenant Theological Seminary; B.A. UCLA; Former Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, (PCA) Bakersfield, CA; Former Instructor at Bakersfield Christian High School (CA); Apologist and Writer.                                        

Rev. Ben Parmer
Co-Vocational Minister, International Xchange Org.; M.Div., Sangre de Cristo Seminary; B.S. Business Management, Samford University; former Pastor, Missionary, and Campus Outreach Minister.

Rev. Jeff Pate
Pastor, Riverwood Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, AL; M.Div. Sangre de Cristo Seminary; B.Ed. in Choral Music, Auburn University; Church Music Director; Former Director of the Wet Mountain Valley Chorale.

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