Alumni of Sangre de Cristo Seminary
(97 Graduates from 1981 to 2023)

Pastoral Ministry

Jonathon Fleck is a graduate of Sange de Cristo Seminary (M.Div., 2021).  Following education and brief career as a mechanical engineer, Jon has entered full-time pastoral ministry in his home church.  Jon and his wife, Patience, have four children and reside in Minnesota.  Click the link to read more about Jon.

Women’s and Children’s Ministry 

Beth Wilcox is a graduate of Sange de Cristo Seminary (Th.B., 1983).  She has gone on to fulfill a career in ministry within the church to women and children.  Her story can be inspirational to other women who desire to use their gifts in service to the Lord.  Click the link to read more about Beth.

Pastoral Ministry

Tom Brown is a more recent graduate of Sangre de Cristo Seminary (M.Div., 2019) who has entered pastoral ministry. Tom is ordained and in service to the Presbyterian Church in America. His heart for ministry to a congregation may speak to potential pastors. Click the link to read more about Tom.

Chaplain Ministry 

Kelly Moore has retired as an Army Chaplain.  His training at Sangre de Cristo Seminary (M.Div., 1984) proved to be integral to his preparation for service.  Students with a variety of ministry aspirations are welcome at the seminary.  Read more about what Kelly and his wife, Judy, are doing in service to the Lord now!  Click to read more about Kelly.

World Missions 

Mark Cary (M.Div., 2005) served as the pastor of a congregation in Ohio for several years.  During that time, he and his wife, Sarah, answered the Lord’s call to missions in the Czech Republic.  Now both of their grown children have entered the mission field.  Sangre de Cristo Seminary was a great place for this family to grow in the Lord.  Click to read more about Mark.


The High Calling

Sangre de Cristo Seminary

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