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Consider the story of Rev. Jonathon Fleck’s preparation and calling to ministry.  Our hope is that these stories will motivate you to consider preparation at Sangre de Cristo in pursuit of your calling.  Be sure to check out all of the stories about pastors, worship leaders, chaplains, missionaries, women’s and children’s ministry leaders and Christian educators.

Rev. Jonathon Fleck – Pastor

Jonathon Fleck, an experienced mechanical engineer, has followed the Lord’s leading from the lakes of Minnesota to the mountains of Colorado and back.

During his youth, Jon attended Harvest Fellowship Church in Sauk Rapids, MN where he met his future wife, Patience, in the youth group.  Jon went on to complete his undergraduate degree in engineering.  He and Patience have been blessed with four children (Ezra, Faith, Zoe, and Jubilee).

Jon and family were drawn to Sangre de Cristo Seminary in the Rockies of south-central Colorado.  It was there that he appreciated his seminary pursuits, including:  an in-depth study of the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the Bible, opportunities to preach God’s Word, and an enjoyment of the beauty of the mountains.

During, and for a time following seminary, Jon was a “tent-maker,” so to speak.  This means that he remained in the engineering workforce concurrently with his studies and subsequent ministry.  Jon indicated a thankfulness for his secular work as it provided him with an opportunity to hone his time-management and organizational skills, as well as face the real-life social challenges impacting people today.

When Jon graduated with his Master of Divinity degree in 2021, he and his family returned to Sauk Rapids where he has now focused his energy as the Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries at Harvest Fellowship.  He was ordained within his independent church and engaged in the ministries there.  In his work with children, youth, and young adults, Jon has been passing along his priority of biblical literacy to shape the identity his flock.  He preaches weekly to the youth and occasionally preaches to the entire congregation.  Jon presents God’s Word so that those who hear it may express their love for God in worship and in “real” fellowship.


Jon expresses that this “real” fellowship is not without its challenges.  Their inner-city location provides plenty of opportunities to reach drug addicts through their safe-house program.  As always, Jon has expressed gratitude for those who will pray for the effectiveness of the Harvest Fellowship Church and their wide-array of ministries.

Jon Fleck graduated from Sangre de Cristo Seminary in 2021 with a Master of Divinity degree.

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