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Student Life

The school community enjoys many activities together apart from academic life. During the Summer many of the students have the visiting professor overstudent-web-7-final for a meal with their family. This provides the opportunity for the students and professors to get to know one another in an atmosphere other than the classroom. Once a week students, families, teachers, and friends gather together for a pot-luck dinner. Everyone enjoys the mountain scenery next to the creek while the children play games. On Wednesday afternoons or evenings the community gathers together to worship. Once each week the wives gather together for a  Bible study. This provides a special time for the seminary wives to consider their role in ministry with their husbands.

Between classes, students are often found playing ping pong, chess, or horseshoes. On the weekends, hiking, fishing, playing golf or working at a job occupies the students’ time. On the Lord’s Day students worship in local churches and often find themselves preaching or leading worship where there is a need. The Seminary Chapel on campus also provides a friendly place to worship with others from the local community.

Small Classroom Size

Here at SDCS we prefer to foster teacher-student interaction. We think it is essential for students to have the ability to dialogue with their professors and student-2-1fellow students. This is such an integral part of the learning process. Thus we keep our classroom sizes small. At maximum, we will have 12 students in a given class. We believe this allows students the ability to feel connected to the learning process as a whole. They know that they are not just another face the professor is speaking to, but rather a person to be trained.

“A seminary is a church institution in which a community of learners endeavor more effectively to understand and minister the gospel of the Scriptures in this sinful world”

-Dwight Zeller, Founder of Sangre de Cristo Seminary




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